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Serrvice, us man are murking
Tell a hater I can't hear you, it's like you've got no service
Serrvice, serrvice
I'll accidentally punch an MC on purpose

[Verse 1]
I'm the worstest
Wake up and thank God that I surfaced
Long live Boy Better Know
Boy better than me and my team? That's serpent
I feel to treat myself today, I might go West End and purchase
And I know that I said I'm gonna chill but tonight I feel like I wanna give them the serrvice
Cool, serrvice
Liccle man, what you know about serrvice?
Get to the show, bun a zoot in my dressing room, run out on stage and give them the serrvice
I wake up and say 'Greatest', BBK in my playlist, murking
And them man there just hm, they could do with an MOT and a service

They're like 'Fris' don't let them draw you out, they ain't worth it'
I've got a tool and it's working perfect
I know I should've stayed in the studio and carried on working
Bun this weed and I've got no choice but to give man the serrvice


[Verse 2]
Run up on who?
Rise up something that's new
Some of yous ain't got a clue
I ain't gotta front, everybody know what I do
No wasteman in my crew
Might see me with Skeppy, might see me with Sam
Either way, just know there's a plan
Told man already, it's greatness only, take over and start bringing in man
Yeah, it's a takeover
You can tell them that the wait's over
Diss me, tell mum put the kettle on, I'll be coming straight over
I'm a straight soldier
Never been a joke man, them man there some joke man
I am the voice of the road, dun know
Hashtag #BigFris when you quote man



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