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She Down

I swear there's something special about you
That I just can't comprehend, yeah yeah

She mines & she know it
She down, She down x3
I swear there's something special about you that I just can't comprehend
& I be damn if I ever lose you to any of these men yeah yeah
She mines & she know it

Yo your body is a gift
Swear I'm blessed by your presence
My ride or die
My lady goes first like a pedestrian
Yeah yeah man
I gotta angel sent here straight from heaven
She put her first man out to get a double play at second
I double up, Two double cups
Slow it down no need to rush
We take our time, we live it up
That pussy good, I fuck it up
She a good girl, but I can make her bad as she want to be
She faithful so, she gonna do whatever I want for me
I smoke a lot of weed, she roll it up then light for me
I'll buy her anything, That's the woman of my dreams
Yeah feel like Martin Luther King, She my Queen
She mines & she know it


That's my chick right there, & she ain't going nowhere
Say that she staying right here, hope she don't lie on my death
Because I swore on my life, that she the right one for me
If she ain't really bout that, she need to tell me the facts
Cause I don't fuck with that, never been in love & I ain't tryna fall for that
Like August back, cuffing season, cardiac arrest, have a heart attack
But never that, I put a little trust of mine in her
& trusting women against my religion so you can say that Ima sinner
Ima fuckin' winner, so my chick is number one
Passenger on the side, no looking back at the shot of the gun
This ain't adding up but me & my shawty equals one
She's my solution, if I gotta problem she can fix it, cause she know it


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