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Untitled (The Message Remix)

From the times ive been all alone my heart sounds like sex cause my heart moans and groans as I become grown , im slowly building this wall to never let anyone in, i just hope it will fall, like autumn, because i have trust issues, seems like the the times i cry i never have a tissue, or i never have you, i appreciate ever thang u do for me, working that grave shift trying to get me some feed, new clothes and my back and j's on feet, wouldn't want anyone else your the best parent, but somehow i always feel defeat, these new clothes can't feel the void im mising, wheres my dad he was never there couldn't man up leave the streets for family, guess he didn't care, i know he writes me here and there, but i never write him back cause im done shedding tears, from the tears thats already been ripped by everyone i come in contact with, old friends, i pretend like i dont miss them cause i dont watn to seem weak, im the only man in this family can show my humanity, i feel stronger from this move cause i moved on, but still have things to prove, like all times i say ill be the next jay and u won't have to work anymore for ur pay, that ill send u to marsay because u scarifced everything u had for me

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