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Bitches & Dishes

Don't give no fuck, ain't got time for these bitches
I ain't wearin no suit or tie, so bitch mind yo fuckin business
I just really wonder why, These hoes all so superficial
But can't lie, they look better in heels cleanin dirty dishes
Bitch you fine, like james bond we on some missions
Missionary legs up high, Tryna wife me be my Mrs
You know I ain't bout that life, So girl stop wit all that trippen
We just fuck, then clean my dishes
Delete my number when you finish bitch

Got this tiny girl, who stay on the tip
She like my papertrails, who got swagga like this, ughh
Never starved she feed me see, This pussy food and weed
Keepin my stomach heavy, when we sexin
She goin up and down, lookin like an uneven levy
Seesaw, We spare
I beat the pussy up and never leave a scar
When we done, She falls off say that was fun
Reach over say which weed you want
I say de-pendigrass
We here smokin Teddy blunts, ughh
Slow jamz, But we don't romance
We just fuck friends, Have sex never call again
Yo im lyin shit, if its good, give it one more chance
I make it rain, nah bitch I make it thunder, Kevin Durant
Haha, man, Im all about that cash
Lesbian missionary, titties on titties, racks on racks
Call it that
Cookin up that crack, Swag, sike crack is wack
Dont fuck with nick saks, quarter halfs and pounds in my backpack


I got a main lady, and I gotta couple bitches
Tellem to roll my weed up, and get back to the dishes
Gave me 3 wishes, and spent them all on swishas
Now im higher than the jumpshot by Derek Fisher
Now you paint the picture, a nigga can't get witcha
If you ain't down with the crew, then I ain't fuckin witcha
I promise ya, you ain't smokin what we smokin on
No homo, call that Big Poppa Pump, cuz that shit so strong
Hit the blunt, guarantee you'll be comin back
Me and my niggas fogged out in the lac
Kamo runnin out of green, nigga never that
I keep Gs on me then a fuckin Gucci Bag
Loud pack, never smokin on the reggie
When I roll blunts, they be tighter than a wedgie
Ballin so hard, my pockets gettin heavy
Im on the roll, like sonic the hedgy
Hedgehog, yeah ima dog
She beggin for the wood, so I threw that ho a log
They can't see me like im standin in the fog
If the head good, then ill put it in a blog
What I spent on my shoes, could of bought me a pair of tru's
Gotta red and a yellabone, so homie I ain't gotta choose bitch


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