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She Is The Bomb

She is the bomb
And she's blowing up
She's sick and wicked and ridiculous
She's all good in my neighborhood
Delicious and savage and
I am not mad at the million ways to describe her
This girl is chill, the girl's on fire
She is the bomb
And she's mine

She's fresh, she's killer
She's all flavor and no filler
She's legit and she redonkulous
So, biggidy-bang-bang and she's a hazardous
She got the wackiness, it's all happening
She's tripping on life, fantastic
Yeah she's it, and she's fit
And she's slamming, cause she's the shit


And she's speaking my language
Whatever you say, I like it, I like it
Whatever your name is, it's all right to claim
That she's mine, she's mine
She's mine, she's mind
And she's

She's golden
Momma's so hot she's molting
She's fly, but also heavy
She's so off the chain, it's cra-crazy
Mean, so steamy
So easy on the eyes and dreamy
Yeah she's awesome, possum
She's it



She's the bomb
She's the bomb
She's the bomb
She's the bomb

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