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She Notice

[Verse 1: Young L]
Stuntin' so hard I think YB will notice
That's yo bitch 'case you niggas didn't know this
I've been eating good and I'm living in my fortress
That's a motherfuckin' loaf, twenty-five feet fortress
You niggas on some other shit, on some undercover shit
I just finished other shit, I'm stuntin' with my hun in it
We just doing hella shit, stuntin' with hella hoes
Got got, hella hoes white off in her nose

[Bridge: Young L]
You got the kid distorted
I'm stuntin' in my fortress
Ice like a forklift
I think she notice

You got the kid distorted
I'm stuntin' in my fortress
Dumb ice like a forklift
And I think yo bitch notice

[Verse 2: Soulja Boy]
Yuh yuh
Notice, notice, yeah I think she notice
Ridin' through my trap and that pistol yeah it's loaded
Pretty boy gangsta I don't fuck with you fake niggas
Ridin' through my hood, tell that bitch to pump a brake
Bitch I'm ballin' I'm ballin' just flood it like New Orleans
Chain and the Breitling, Rolex cost your life
Everything is pricless, everything is golden
Pull up to the club and that Lambo is chosen
Jewelry is frozen, third eye is open
Tote that automatic if he want it then he got it
Twelve gauge shotty, money in my pocket
Black card in my wallet I ball and I got it
I'm the trending topic, all my niggas guaping
Ocean Gang in my lane we swervin' we got it
Splashin'; ready for the action, Young L what's happenin' this mixtape went platinum

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