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[Verse 1]
I ain't no killer but don't push me
I ain't playing bout paper
I ain't worried or guaranteed that them young niggas gon' spray ya
Ain't no ways to limit, they seen junior high, but he with it
But he faithfully let the chopper fly, he commit it
I say young nigga just get it
Young nigga just get it
Its hard for me to tell em don't do it when they know I did it
Extended clip 32 rounds I got 28 in it
Nigga don't make me pop the trunk ya know the AK stay in it
Tattoos and war wounds, wife beater with a big heater
I know kingpins lost their life over some dick eater
Pull up in this 2 seater
I don't fuck with you either
I pour up this 2 liter
Pull in yo hood and shoot people
I know its gon' pop off, you may throw up gang signs
We don't even practice, we just show up for gang time

[Hook x4]
Is all your niggas shooters
All my niggas shooters
Is all yo bitches shooters
All my bitches shooters

[Verse 2]
Pour 40 on my bitch waist
She just got a gun like she was born and raised in the projects, but this bitch say she done a fight
They beefing in the club
Beefing in the club
Patting out the do', you gotta sneak it in the club
You looking for bullets and bricks, bitches weed and money
Might shoot off to the grizzly gang on any given Sunday
Granddaddy don't arrest me, I can see him coming
Messy bitch with me on twitter, she keep tweeting we running
Camouflage cargo shorts, pair of Jordan's I'm thugging
I got racks in every pocket and you ain't taking nothing
I'm surrounded with silent soldiers, they shoot over petty shit
Before you reach and make a move you already hit


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