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Shooting Star

Shooting Stars (Shooting Stars)
Shooting Stars
Rapper with a pistol that makes me a shooting star
Gettin' brain from a Brazilian bitch while in a foreign car
Breadwinners Association this is who we are (x2)

Ballin' for billions I'm bout to be on TV
No air condition watching them TV repeats
Thinkin loud
About to be
All she wear is BCBG
Place an order, just for some leave
Water buddy, talkin Fiji

She's a horse
Grab The Saddle I'm Her Cowboy
Personal trainer she said let me work you out boy

Get back on my feet
Get to bed with a whip on E
All the neatness cold on streets
And we don't talk to police
Think I'm floating marijuana
Floating business wears for weeks
Got a team of city niggas that go ham

Hook (x2)

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