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Shutup Bitch Swallow

Intro:Start wit straight shot and then pop bottlesPour it on the models Shutup bitch swallowHook:4xShutup bitch swallowshu-shutup bitch swallowif you can't swallowshutup bitch goggle Ya Digg!Verse 1:I got one in the back I got one in the frontI make 'em do what i saythey tell me say what i wannaI tell her.... get yo money girland just stop breathing,cuz if it aint about dat dough it aint about me neither[Shutup Bitch Swallow lyrics on]see a gangster like myself I get that paper on womenman yo women probably out dere wit some paper to give meListen,you lookin at a real pimp ask mii old womenand they tell you no remote i controll womenim a whole load put me in the game woman if he a payin then he shouldn't be playin,im sayinBroke dudes only make jokes funny i make more than i can fit in this quote honeyunquote comes sunsoak wit me mahfly you down here and lay you up in mii beach houseAn if u smile at mii girl i'll make her smile backHook:7x(fade out)Shutup bitch swallowshu-shutup bitch swallow if you can't swallow shutup bitch goggleYa digg!

Date Added: 2007-03-18
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