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See... You know Real nigga like myself you know. I got love for the bitch, you know
Real talk, you know. See... You used to keep it one hunnid, but when you posted my number on instagram, I look at that like rape

When they ask if ima Killa, then I might say yes I am
Dis bitch screenshotted my text and posted that on instagram
Hoes knowin, I eat pussy better then any nigga they know
And this long tongue that I rap wit, lick every one of they holes
Ima curl every one of they toes, bootyhole, bootyhole
Shoppin, one of my hobbies. Woah kemosabe
After my show wanna ride me? Downstairs in my hotel lobby
Dick her down got her hollin', she in love with Luca Brasi

Oh shit, gotdammit she flexin now
Bet them bands make her feel real sexy now
Freak wit it, she a real professional
Take her out and have my other hoes stressin' now

Got em sick (sick)
When they see me with my new bitch
I got em sick (sick)
When they see me with my new bitch
Got all my other hoes sick(sick)
But in bet they won't do shit
Yeah, she got em sick (sick)
So happy that I got this new bitch

Down in that position, mane she got a way of twerkin that
From the way you whip it baby you deserve a Birkin bag
Finger lickin, countin all this chicken. Where the church's at?
Wanna see the sun set up on that ass, pull them curtains back
Callin' me a trick nigga, I don't give a fuck!
You'd spend a bag too, if she let you fuck!
Saw her in the club, had to say wassup?
Need another five bands, cause this ain't enough

Guilty of all the spoils
You know them hoes ain't loyal
Them shoppin' sprees ain't cheap, and I always had somethin' for you
Put that Beyoncé check on mami's neck
Niggas doin' time for lesser crimes, ain't figured how to beat them hymes yet
Privately reclining on them jets
Cursin out the flight attendants, how much more parched could you get?
Thought you knew you ain't the only pretty bitch who pussy wet
With some incredible sex
Look how fast a nigga move onto the next ahh shit

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