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Since 03

[Hook: Wiley] (x4)
If you don't like me, here, you can have a trophy
I've been a mic don since 03
Been a mic don since 03
Been a mic, been a mic don since 03

[Verse 1: Frisco]
I barked my way into the game in 2-0-0-3
With a bad attitude and a stoney
Any time it's time to [?] roll
I won't stay remote so you can't control me
I've been a mic don from long time
I ain't playing with words when I hang man
Fake niggas can't come around, ban man
Violate my team, bang bang!
Believe me I'm out here for a reason
It's so much more than money and girls
Man see me and wanna pree me
But they wouldn't survive a week in Frisco's world
Lyrical expert
I aim bars at your head till your neck hurts
Even though I'm moving right
I won't forget to check and look to the left first

[Bridge: Frisco]
Badder than what?
Badder than who?
Badder than me?
I am man badder than you and your crew
Sight badman, I don't know what to do
It's the lyrical skengman passing through
If you ain't fam, rudeboy, who are you?
Yes I've been a don since 2-0-0-3
That's why I had to sample Wiley

[Hook] (x4)

[Verse 2: Frisco]
Heat FM on Totty high road
Studio in the kitchen
From then I've been spittin'
If it's lyrical killin' I'm willin'
Chat shit and I'll spin him on a riddim
Been a d-o-n from them times
Who remembers that show?
When I run up on Ghetts at his own launch party
On my Jack Jones
I been a d-o-n from them times
Big up Ghetts though
Fuck that, here's the next flow
I been a don from long
Put me on any song
Any song you man sound wrong
You and the beat don't get along
I've been a don from when I done the dub for Scorcher
Man went absolutely mad
Double O tried, got a straight body bag
Mad, give an MC a toe tag

[Bridge] + [Hook] (x4)

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