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Sing This!

Come on girl, you've got one shot to be with me
You know you drive me crazy,
But I know how to take your breath away so lets go
Well I don't care what's going through you
You can see me, and I can see you
So lets cut this game, we both feel the same
And I'll show you a night you're used to

All you do is run through my head
Are you getting tired yet?

Everyone's jumping up and down,
I'm starring at the crowd,
And the dream girls singing the words
And she looks like she needs me
Dance with me and I'll show you what you're missing
And everybody in town, put your hands up all around
And sing this, Let's sing this

Cautious, never been a burden to the bosses
Crosses God says step up with the flow
With the dipper in my door

So Saucey runnin for months and my song say EH!
Got my palm tree, ridin'
That's right can't no bosses counter play me moves
Shoot the monsters
Party like it's 2009 in the eye
When they zone in the homeless

I See Stars Little Bizzy Bone,
No Shorts, No Losses,
Scenes of adultery-resist the king
Queens of the fortress,
Crystal ball warns us
I go rooting-ing-ing-ing this one tonight
Give me four to the four to the beam,
Kick 'em all in the foot,
Play them all till they dead and Sing this
Then I bypass through the ash of my canva-see's?,
Friend to me, bring the enemies,
Spit it like I serve the fiends
Pussy was afraid of me?
The bastard would not come over with the thunder, raining dome bullet
I swear to the death till they park and they never forget
Henny had her hands on me, yeah I'm a muthafucker


Like a guillotine, Caffiene's what they give me
To kiss in the mist, with my lips in the distance
Me swerve every bump in the darkness


Sing To This Sing To This!

Date Added: 1970-01-01
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