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Skit: Circle Room Talk

English Translation:That music video, it was amazing.

Wearing a white shirt with a red necktie -

It doesn’t suit hyung, huh?

Hey, the bell rang - let’s go!

Ah, why are you being like this just because the bell rang? (Why are you being like this, come on!) (Jin hyung just came!) (Just skip it, let’s skip it!) (Let’s skip for once!)

Rap Monster: Yeah, so I started producing that (song) right after hearing that! (Oh, really~)

Suga: This Suga-nim also started rapping after hearing that~ (It’s the exact same!) (It’s all the same~)

Rap Monster: So while we were listening to Fly, what was our Hope-y Hope doing? (What were you doing?)

J-Hope: Unlike everyone who raps, I was practicing my dancing! (Of course you were!) (Right~) (Oh, natural dancing skills?) I bet Jimin was doing the same!

Jimin: Of course [I was]! Is there no one else here who’s dreamt of dancing? (There’s no one!) (Nobody, go away!) (There’s no dancing!)

Taehyung, what was your dream?

V: I played the saxophone for three years. (But why don’t you do it anymore?) Ah…because my mouth hurts. (Your mouth hurt?) (Yeah, your mouth must hurt.) (You’re really hypocritical, yeah.) (Your mouth must have hurt a lot.) (You’ve got a brilliant mouth.) (My heart hurts [hearing that]).

Rap Monster: Our Jin hyung, what did you do?

Jin: Me? I, like my dad, left the house at 7:00 am and came back at 6:00 pm and ate whatever my wife cooked me. (Oh~) (Oh, really?) (Yeah, I like that best, too!) (What’s the use of hip hop? That’s the best~) (But you can’t just throw away hip hop like that, hyung!) (You’ve thrown away hip hop so coolly!) (Don’t insult my dad!) (Why are you throwing it away?) (Don’t, don’t insult my dad!)

Jungkook, what was your dream?

Jungkook: Me? Ah…I can’t remember that well…

Teacher: You brats! What are you doing, not going to class? (We’ll go now, we’ll go!(I’m sorry!) (See, I told you we should’ve gone!)

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