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Skit 2 (The District)

[Women talking]
Woman 1: I’m sick of this glance
Woman 2: What happened?
Woman 1: [?]
Woman 2: Coby you’re trippin’ you know you can’t keep no nigga working up in here
Woman 1: Why is that?
Woman 2: You know why, don’t nobody want to turn a hoe into a housewife
I’m not calling you a hoe, okay? But it’s not about what you are it’s about what they think you are. What their friends and their mommas think and you know everybody got something to say
Woman 1: That’s what I’m talking about, everybody got something to say. People in school got something to say, my family got something to say
Woman 2: Hold on, you don’t quit school all right? You finish up school and you graduate, they gonna kissing your ass when you’re through. Fuck what everybody has to say

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