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Skull Gang

lil wayne: scarrr game
Juelz: (i got these niggas man)
Juelz: they aint prepared, so they scared
they know if i dont feel em, then ima kill em.kill em
lil wayne and juelz: i see dead people
juelz: and they bout to get buried
lil wayne: in my rap cemetary
Waynes verse-
weezy: uhh, and here rests the beast
and if u wake it then you rest in
dissconnec yo neck and feat
then bury you today and find ya head next week
uhh, my flow nasty like ya baby momma
i got 2 balls, i pass em to ya baby momma
i be swimmin all backwards in ya baby momma
i will make you kill the bastard kill ya baby momma
wait, this was supposed to be bout rap, huh.well let me rap now
bitch im the best to ever do it
they dont knew it how i know it
fuck the newest fuck the oldest
im the coolest im the coldest
im the hottest im the badest
im out of this stratus
fear not a thing but god
fuck you fuck pride fuck eyes
cause ya'll niggas cant see me
say the F Baby after the Weezy
juelz: i see dead people
and they bout to get buried
lil wayne: in my rap cemetary

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