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Slaughter The Martyr

Broken down, on my knees
Only sound, ears that ring
The silence is so loud
I scream into the void
So hold my hand, walk into oblivion
Go to the cocoon, transformation

The pain emporium
Stripped down and bleeding
Broken of everything but pride
These mental scars I try to hide
My head held in my hands
Scars of sanctity, hatred's purity
Loss of my equilibrium
My soul is turning to ash
This faithless sanitarium

So wave goodbye
Save a prayer
Don't you cry
Don't be scared
For I have thrived
With no fear
Let me die
I'll be there

Slaughter the martyr
Slaughter the martyr

[Verse 1]
Dawn of the desolate
Prayers to pestilence
Deeper I fall in this descent to madness
Nightfall my nemesis
Dreams drip with violence
Orgies of murder, vicious acts so senseless

Piece by piece the kingdom shatters
Reality in tatters
The curse of chaos slowly consumes
Scarred and abused
Suffer my vengeance, paint the world in crimson hues
Paint the world in crimson hues
Time won't heal
This hate I feel
Can't close my eyes
Nightmares that terrorize

I lay paralyzed in homicidal rage
The anger driving me insane

Slaughter the martyr

[Verse 2]
Brutal and barbarous
Murder so merciless

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Date Added: 2022-09-08
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