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So Beautiful

Umm, the next song we're gonna do, is a song by a really good friend of mine
He's actually featured on my original Black Radio album
He co-wrote and sang a song on there called "Ah Yeah"
This is by my friend Musiq Soulchild
It's entitled, "So Beautiful"

[Musiq Soulchild:]
Hey yo, Rob What up it's Musiq uh heard you was doing my joint "So Beautiful". Uh, you and the guys was doing it over and I- I really feel like, I really feel honored I mean it's a good thing that you picked that song
Cause I really think it's important that women know how beautiful they actually are, despite everything going on in the world these days
When it comes to women and how they feel about the way that they look, how men think about them, and what they think men expect of them, I don't think that that truly matters at the end of the day
Because the only thing that really matters is how you see yourself

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