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Something That U Not

Sagg Music presents... Gotti Vorhees
Hey what we doing tonight? Patron
Ciroc, we doing the 'gnac

(Verse 1)
Beat it, I beat it from the back door
Hit the after hours came in from the back door
She gave me the pussy-didn't want it back though
She told me it's yours forever like that though
I'm at her house smoking big with my feet up
She love me, love to get her pussy beat up
Her ex came over thinking that he G'd up
I said "Beat it, a pussy gets beat up"
I'm a different kind of nigga I don't really trip
I stay on my ten toes on a funky bitch
And you niggas, ima tell you like this
Don't get your ass whipped, nigga tryna be Something That U Not
Thinking that you Something That U Not, that's a way a nigga gets shot
Same thing for you bitches, acting like you Something That U Not
I seen the bitch the other day talking bout "I don't like ghetto niggas"
Well she came from the ghetto!
That's the reason why I won't let no
Funny-ass nigga or a funny-ass bitch talk shit
Stay fake ima stay rich

(Chorus X2)
Thinking that you Something That U Not
Acting like you Something That U Not
That's the way you get shot
Acting like you Something That U Not
Thinking that you Something That U Not
That's the way you get shot, nigga

(Verse 2)
Riding down rose crans made a left on the 'Shaw
Just got from breaking this funny-ass nigga's jaw
Dropped the hammer on him, man you should've seen him fall
Right in front of his funny-ass bitch Dawn
AV, Mac Ace and my nigga Staz
We all went to Miko's house right after that
I'm a different kind of nigga-thought I told you that
Giving ass whupping's like a payment-like I owed you that
So now I've had a nigga pay back
Let me tell you where my head's at-in your bitch, nigga
So stop acting like a bitch, nigga
Everytime I see him, he acting like a bitch nigga
In the club with the girls and they look good
Everything's crazy and they love a nigga that's hood
She got her ass circling, she love to twerk
I love to see her, every part of her she like to work
To the ground, look around
Pick it up, drop it down
I won't say a word if you won't make a sound
Then a funny-ass nigga came around

(Chorus X2)

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