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Speechless (5.1 mix)

Sure do like the way its goin down
Wit you, we could be together for years
And i'm ready to make that move cross the line with you
We could put some joy in each others tears

And l.o.v.e dont sum it up for me
Its much m.o.r.e than any word could mean

Baby, aaaah, cuz its goin down
Make me sing la la, when you come around
Make me say oooh wee! when you look at me
Baby, aaaah, cuz its goin down and
I'm speechless

Practicin all day what to say to you
But it never seems to come out right
Just know the feelin is so perfect for me and you
And i wanna feel it for the rest of my life



Date Added: 2017-08-25
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