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Spinning Around

[Verse 1]
Days go by, I wonder if you hear me
Can't you read between the lines?
Now I'm standing still, I am disappearing
Take this chance, I'll make you mine

Don't you wonder why
You change in time
Makes you feel so empty inside

But love's got me cornered in the back of the room
I'm spinning around, I'm spinning around
And all I see is someone I don't know
Love's got me tangled, tired me too
No sign of a wall, sign of wall
Spinning me around
And baby all I see is you

[Verse 2]
He tells lies, are you really thinking
That you deserve another try
When you see these eyes
You see another planet
Don't ask how, but fate decides



[Verse 3]
Spinning and turning
And living and learning
I should be able to handle this
Make it or break it
Move it or shake it
Do it or fake it
Girl you've got to make it


Spinning me around
And baby all I see is you

Spinning me around
And all I see is you

Date Added: 2017-08-25
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