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Stack House

[Chorus: Future]
Nigga make me break the bank, not the top off
Got them young niggas shooting at your momma house
We don't play fair when we got them guns out
Niggas act up and we gotta act out
Street nigga turn route with a mack out
I was getting money before your stack house
With the double bounce back like a mascot
I got immune to cocaine from the crack house

[Verse 1: Future]

You smell the fumes when you letting that bird out
Tycoon going places you ain't heard of
I passed up the moon I was on syrup
I cut yayo, read my referral
I'm on speed boat me and your girl
I got some pink toes with extendos
Scared to pop out gotta take out his crew
The type to be spillin' in new Jimmy Cho
I bought the building in southside Peru
Hang with some villains I hang with some jews
When I come through she be making it drool
Crack house was booming I'm serving my J's

Date Added: 2022-01-22
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