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Starry Eyed

Leave it all behind you're so starry eyed
You can leave it all behind you just dont think twice
You came to take my heart but then you took my pride
I'm outa my mind...

You're so starry eyed
The grass is always greener on the other side
You're so starry eyed
Now we would be together if you'd only try
To realize the sparkle in a passerby
Is only the reflection of your starry eyes
You're so starry eyed

Live a better way in a better place
You tell me you can live a better way with your new found face
It seems you left me long ago without a trace...
Without a trace

You're so starry eyed...
Look the other way when I call your name
You just look the other way you need someone to blame
You want me to be out of sight but in your game
Your never ending game

You're so starry eyed...

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