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Stay The Same

Pipe that shit up, TnT

Tryna take my pain but staying the same
f*ck you, you can die
Tryna heal my soul with the smoke, see my life in that fire
Tell me I ain't it, you don't want me, you ain't gotta lie
All burners F.N., let him suffer, he ain't gotta die
Huh, drop your stupid ass off just me and my dawg
Steady tellin' him how the bitch get down
Why he steady telling me, she ain't love me at all?
Came from the street, I was ready for the beef
Me and Ten strapped down when we walk through the mall
I 'membеr that day you would ride me around
I remеmber sneaking in and out papa house
Trailblazer with a Glock in a bag, two pounds
They got Dracs, they send a case
New Orleans lying to my face, I left my heart in no place
I spilt some R in a Wraith
Tell 'em, ten and I take it to another level
Go and buy another bezel
Oh, oh, oh, oh
They throw signs, ain't no treason
I'ma take that dive out the deep end
Then I'm on that slime allegiance
f*ck these hoes, they can go
I don't need no set back, just need you to sit back
Point me where that check at
Ain't f*cked up 'bout money
But it's comin' in, comin' in, stackin' on top of each other
I ain't tellin' them about nothin'
Come through dumpin' and dumpin', they flip 'em and step on another
Startin' to feel a nigga gettin' dumber and dumber

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