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Stop Being Greedy

(Uncle Howie)

Hey, this is Uncle Howie,
I'm the master clone, the king of beasts
The alpha male, I do not fail
When I'm on the prowl,
Yeah, I burn my bridges
My balls got ridges


Brand new Necro (shouting)

(Uncle Howie)

Stop Being Greedy
Buy some fucking cd's
This is Uncle Howie
Reppin' the psychological street villains


(chorus 2x)

Y'all been eating long enough, Stop being greedy
Ya downloadin ma shit, buy some fuckin cd's
Support this shit, don't bootleg tapes
Fuck around and I'ma fight you, smash your face

(verse 1)

Morbid's my factual fate, anger developed in me at a gradually rate
Now my natural state, is actual hate
Every patrol man is my opponent, there's no postponing
If your foamin' every moment, is my atonement of omens
Every species with a brain, can be sleezy and insane
It is easy to obtain, anger splurgin' at the course
Like sweat galore gore, violent temples spite back to watch to catch you
Peep the blood red flow authentic necro, a rare skill
Ill like Linda Blairs grill take a bolt to drill repulsive
Beautiful exit gore make-up latex
Wake-up Playtex, rockin' gay fuck, bitch with A-cups
You need tits, I'll sew ‘em on your spine
You'll be blowin' on my nine
Blastin slugs of metal cum into your mind
Get yourself hurt, cause when I'm depressed you get blessed
With brass knuckles leave you pussy thugs grotesque at best

(Chorus 2x)

(Uncle Howie)

This is Uncle Howie, stop downloading and start buying
Make sure you caught brutality pt. 1
In September, like a bundle of crack

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