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Stop Lyin(Remix)

Own up to your bullshit
Yeah its about that time, damn don't you look foolish
Cause you know, I know, you know you lyin'
Yeah right, uh huh, yeah right mhmm, yeah right stop lyin'
Yeah right, uh huh, yeah right mhmm, yeah right stop lyin'

[Verse 1:Kevin Gates]
Complication is the conversation
Your contact - erased it
Can't take it - no patience
Major mistake is me believing in you when you say shit
I thought you changed well since you can't I can no longer take it
Go head and face it, plain and basic, different occasions
Gave you my trust and you apologized and then betrayed it
Shame on me, further repeat, I'm all out of favors
And nothing else can save you...
Guessin' you missing integrity
Still gotta focus on what's in the head of me
Great understanding of me as a whole, probably one of the reasons you scared of me
Fiction you telling me, stupid expecting me
Thinking that Imma believe in what I'm not believing
Excuse me, I'm sorry
I abruptly beg your pardon


[Verse 2:Kevin Gates]
Realest ever, relentless ever, inevitable that I win
Never say never again, though a facade is the way to pretend
Never be basic again, a stage ain't for the faint hearted
Processed it all, but I ain't bought it
But thank god, I can thank god
Fell in a miserable state, when no one you fuck with will look in your face
Wake up alone when the weather get lonely
You'll be the only one you can blame
Shit ain't the same though as it was plain
Focus [?] go hard in the paint, [?] affect when you grindin'
I own the prize, and you're more like a lion
Soar like a eagle, without all the lying, trying
Trying to be something you not, I say I got, you say you got
I say I'm not, you say you tried it, If it happen to me then it happened to you
Or someone you know, or someone you fuck with
A lot shit be counterfeit, you no longer someone I fuck with..


[Verse 3:King Trae]
I became a man at the age of nine
Walking down the street with my Dad by my side
He got shot up and I watched him die
If he was here, my life would've been alright

On everything that i love[x3]
Man i had enough
On everything that i love[x3]
Man i had enough


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