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[Verse 1:]
I'm always in the mood to get cheese
I'm always in the mood to get cheese like freeze make them stop
Where they at
Like freeze its the police relax like at ease I'm a terrorist
Like forget america blue collar bossing like corporate america
Trying to block my thoughts i hushed a fool my moneys all grown
Up like rudy huxtable
Everybody wants to be the next boss everybody wants to be a gangsta a mobster
A monster when i was young i was the monster who used to dump out in a smoked grey mazda
My future seemed dim there no light at the end of the tunnel less of the stress to pressure
This tunnel its my thoughts my intuition and my vision is tunneled and my anger and resentment
For existence is funneled through the streets

The streetlights keep calling i can see the mirrors falling in front of
My face i see hands reaching out for me
The wind blows so sad whistles
In the streets like chatter i couldn't take this chance
Fame may not come around again

[Verse 2:]
The willy lind syndrome west indy system this is the
Syndrome the system we live in we gave up we give in and stuck in reliving
It only takes a millisecond just to listen now how’s this existing
Im looking in the mirror at the vision of resistance my eyes
Start to tear cuz the visions are consistent constantly I'm faced with the product
Corporate system that i need to get on my job cuz jobs don't existing
The only jobs are robbing jerking and twisting
The profit don't add up to what i'm risking the anger and resentment of existence
Existing in the streets


[Verse 3:]
Again (again)
Might not come again
Sitting at the house and I step outside my garage and im just like damn you know seems like the world’s missing a lil somethin cuz i know I am I remember back in the day out posting with jay dillon and they man in detroit working on they first dun dillinger album doin it real Big and you know I recollect on all of those things when i was making this album and its just like i felt like hey you know i gots to come With something similar to what i already hit em with but a lil different
When i got back with snoop he introduced me to this young man named terrence martin and uh with time i found out that where not that much Different we have the same goals and aspirations and we have the same mind state and it just so turned out also that uh he was from my Neighborhood and he was on the same that i was you know growth so as we put our heads together man you know we made this classic album That we call streetlights and it was just like damn you know i want something different but i want something the same i want it all Intertwined into one

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