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Say that you all
Thank you, thank you, I appreciate the love, thank you very much
But we gonna get into this shit really quick, check me out

You could get your body hurt badly in the hour
Ya make a scene like my rider Cavy in the shower
…Junior, before the brain tumor, … nasty as a crack pain tumor
I flow with the glistening glow, the position to blown on by getting some dope
Cause you know,
I’m dismissing the … no condition and go four plus four mo
… my biscuit … than I’m living before, and this is real talk, not no fake shit
I rhyme of such a complexity you are so basic
The truth saw from years ago, I don’t make shit
For me and none of my niggers is not known gangsters
For … prison and …
I left 6 of them go, know that I’m sick with the flow
Know I don’t stick with the …, know that I’m kicking your dope
I get bricks to your blow, … niggers …

That’s that junk, play right here
Cause you know, cause you know, damn
It’s a monster man, come on, check me testing

You could bring all of your brethren, niggers and cowards
… frame me … don’t be the towers
It’s in my lab … flowers
The difference is you fell in a couple of seconds instead of a couple of hours
Dug a political flow, I’m a lyrical pro, … but you know I’m original, yo
…All conditions that go four plus four more
… bitches … and I hit it before
And this is a real hawk got no places
… futuristic… you are so exits
A true song from youth ago, I don’t play brick
I never bust … and I don’t got cases
When I was in prison ago
I was beaten but oh no I was getting the snow
Down on a vision to flow, no … to go, go I just … fuck
Knowing my click in the shot is ridiculous yoh,

Greatest story never, never told, finally … ago
Greatest story never, never told, …

Know my shit coming, know I’m shooting sit down, know who it is
… don’t test me, just play, you heard me, word up man, we good, in matter of fact, we good
I said Saigon, good

Niggers see me in the hood and acting … good
I tell them that I’m great
And then your bitch dead lame with working that bad frame with the head game, great
We appreciate the love but more important the hate, that means I’m doing great
I’m still one of the few they love to underrate fuck it this all great
Staying put no food on my plate, can’t a nigger say that I ain’t ate, nigger who ain’t ate?
Here comes the great, old up wait nigger that’s great
If it wasn’t for this I’d be living this for the worsing
Spitting in a direction that … in the pedestrians
…question, mention the …
I’m from the old school where niggers call the fart poo
You got a sharp knife bitch, I could sharp shoot
So you could be on part … while I’m on river part rule
And I still put a bullet to your heart dude
You’re dog mean with a shark tooth
But the faggot don’t byte, all they fucking do is bark, woof
That nigger dead disappeared in the dark poof
Make a movie with a … ain’t no fucking part two
… camera can snap you
That’s the reason why your man got fans in Alaska
I’m straighting off 52 states … cause I’m great.

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