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Jenny, I'm not a smart man
Tom Hanks, I'm not a superstar, far from an Aubrey Graham
More like Molly Shannon, Bruce McCullough
And every Dave I know thinks my future's in trouble cause
I'm not Lennon throwin peace up and tree huggin
I'm not a vegan, I eat meat, I preach nothin
And judge nothin, a fuck I won't provide you over
How you live your life plus, who the fuck am I to?
And who are you to Bono? God no
You're a nobody like I am, we're all ghosts
Minus the pottery porn scenes, it's all fake
So go suck Kelso's dick and get off my train
I'm the conductor and the hobo, chewin canned fish
With nothin to my name but a notepad and a black pen
Tryin to come up with something clever, to blow minds
But all I've got is movie references and "I'm so dope" rhymes
And I know I'm so dope, so why beat a dead dog's flesh
With every ounce of strength I got left?
But I'm weak so my whips barely break the skin
Fuck I barely break the stick I'm usin tryin to break the skin
I wanna change the world but won't remove its dirty diaper
I wanna sell some records but refuse a Fergie sidekick
I want a Abbie Hoffman, a megaphone of protest
Bettering the minds of uneducated voters
But I hardly read the paper, Chris Farley is the mayor
And all I want to do is watch him fall through coffee tables
I'm not a smart man, no follower of politics
I'm far from a George Stroumboulopoulos
I'm a Jackson Pollock, the apocalype, Jim Morrison's toe
Slippin off the faucet, splish, splash
Takin a bath with my veins poked
Face sweaty, torso dick and legs soaked
My chubby hands drum against the tub's edge
Fucked up, runnin runnin, chasin Puff again
It's a cold winter when your pockets only hold lint
At BMV, sellin novels to afford rent
And kids stop you on the sidewalk on some "Oh shit!
I need a picture, someone hold my camera phone quick"
Broke as shit, posin, throwin up a peace sign
Not Lennon's, mine has no fuckin meaning behind it
They accuse me of whinin on every song crooned
But it's my party and I'll cry if I want to
So fuck you Buddy Hollys and your underwater dance
I'm bumpin Earth Angel, grindin on Lea Thompson's ass
Doc told me go to school and get your math on
But I ignored him, and turned his oversized amps on
So, another 24, another hundred coins
Another song recorded, another dollar short
Another novel sold, another night awake
Another dream that may never see the light of day
I'm not a smart man Jenny, but I'm talkative
And I'ma keep talkin 'til I'm sittin across from

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