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Stumped Out

(hook)You can't bang in the club you get stumped out!
You can't hang in the club you get stumped out!
You wanna step in the club you get stumped out!
We'll I'ma buss em' in the face becuase they keep on runnin mouf!

I drop water like i'm posted at niagra falls, and leave you n***s like some dolphins jugglin balls. Lil n***s wanna bang im puttin hits up on his yard, ride by and drive by, and leave a hit out on his car. i would'ntr recommend you test this mann cus if you do i'll prolly leave a few gifts in ya chest and hands. So many chickens wanna bless this man they standin in line cus i can only spit game one chick at a time. and plus i'm runnin 'round wit two tech's at whose necks, a loose jet, a gooseneck, now that's called a lyrical suplex,

(bridge x2)mamma told me i got grind to take this junk out so if you keep on tryna bang you get stumped out!

(Mr. Model)
I put a n**a in a headlock & send em' to rest and if he gettin out line i'm sendin shots to his chest i got a double barrel shotgun that's made to kill you see a n***a ballin reason why im packin the steel, keepin it real always got the black rag in my pocket faggets knock it chickens like it cus im keepin it clean you see my wrist be shinning and the girls be whinnin see my seats recliningg jus a n**a climbin yup!

Hook X2

Poppin n**s droppin shit
Smackin chicks and stompin clicks making stacks and breakin backs twisted it up then rollin sacks n**s
Say they hungry so i feed em a banana clip, squad up B***h bussin n***s that be runnin lip!

(Caliber tha Dutch)
Jus give me the light so i can blaze the burner, when it's war i'm smackin b****h left and right like ike turner, thinkin i aint holdin heat homie you sadly mistakin when it's time for war my army hold more heat then satan, so if you want beef then you got yaself a problem run up on with the magnum and i aint talkin condoms, all that arguin like b***h just really aint for me i like to handle my sh*t like a muthaF***n G'! Yeah!

Hook x2 end

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