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Sunshine (2007)

[Verse 1: Nicki Minaj]
Yo... yo, yo yo yo, hold the doe
Let me get up on the floor like Mardi Gras
Like every time I rhyme I sun the shine
Lil mama, you a bird like you done some time
Every, every time I spit it's a massacre
So they better more fast like Nascar
Everyone want a dime, I'm, I'm the best
When I get up in the club I grind the best
You don't know, you better respect me
[I'm with a tryfit, affidicuous Nicki]?
I am the one, like Tracy McGrady
Now little daddy let me, let me upgrade ya
Come on, I make it hot, see I'm a hot one
I keep the stack & let Max play the shotgun
I'm in the good car, always with a hood star
Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Good Bar

Get up on my level niggas, get it up
Gettin Dirty Money figures, throw it up
Get up on my level bitches, get it up
Drink some Dirty Money bitches, get a cup

[Verse 2: Gravy]
It's frego daddy, grade V of coarse
God Willing coming soon, I'm the good of New York
I shine like VVS stones in the dark
Take a seat, when you here me like Rosa Parks
Fuck the chit chat
Let's talk guns & drugs, you with that?
Tryin' to see a mill or two, fuck who I'm better than
Rollin up on a dutch, you know I need my medicine
It's high noon & I'm the nigga that shot the sheriff
Me & Nicki's like Bonnie & Clyde, don't be embarrassed
I'm sort of like a rabbit the way I love my cabbage
But I Still watch for 5-0 like I'm Garret
08′ Challenger lookin' like Dukes of Hazzard
Turn it into a coupe, and now the roofs gone
Word to Nicki Minaj with daisy dukes on
See it's Max-a-millie-on, chumps so move on
Before I act like a auto-bot and transform
Too Hot & I ain't Mims
I flip bricks while you little clown still buyin' rims
Who's in charge, stop frontin' like I ain't him
I'm Saks Fifth Ave, you still shop at Fims
Superstar with the Audemar and a pair of Tims
Who your wives screwing? Flossin', I been doin'

[Hook x2]

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