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Swag Flu

[Soulja Boy - Chorus]
I, I, I, I Be so High (so High)
So, so fly (so fly)
Above the clouds
I, I, I Got Da Swag Flu
I, I, I Be so clean (so so clean)
New Jeans (new jeans)
look, look at me, I, I, I, I Got da Swag Flu

[Verse 1]
Hopped up out the Lambo,
with my top down (top down)
Soulja tellem, im spending hot sh-t,
tell that to the birdman (man)
shout out to the cash,
man we holding down …..
every song that I drop i spit that knowledge,
i pull up to my mansion and its bigger than a college,
ya boy spending cash every second every minute,
when it come to the stunting dog it aint no …
sipping on the bottle until that b-tch empty,
bottle after bottle yeah i got plenty,
im just getting started ain’t no where near …..
the chain on my neck cost two drop top …..,


Swisha, sweets, money on the fee,
hundred on the sheet,
call the f-50 a piece,
condo suites, Versace sheets,
cold whip game, candy am a hundred each,
my type hot drop top sunny nights,
cash money life, popping bottles hopping flights,
versace shades, baby got this money to blow,
and she know it so I bought her to this marble floor

holiday everyday in this high life,
red hot lights and smash on site,
spending how you feel,
always daddy, life is priceless,
strapped in that … candy,


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