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That's It

Man it feels so good to be home that’s right my niggas
The Los Angeles Lakers
Kurupt, Young Gotti, Dogg Pound, 213, G4
We ain’t went no where baby
It’s back y’all
What y’all thought all we had was jeans and T-shirts
Nah it ain't like that homie
Yeah it’s going down
Yeah 2005, DPG
Back in the house y’all
So Kurupt, Young Gotti drop it for your homeboy Warren G

[Verse 1]
DPG, Gotti the awesomeness
Kurupt neva gave a fuck about a dumb bitch
We silencing all the talk
Watch your cheap walks, semis and automatics
Is automatically ready for trippin and extending clipping, dippin, chippin
Listen words are piercers like arrows and needles
Those are cancerous, horrific and dangerous
Contagious like the mumps, chickenpox and measles
Deadly like small pox, I’m sick of the chatter
Caz everything you mumbling it really doe matter
Next time you step into the zone a the mic
Yeah in open water water or with a young great white
Prepare to set sail, jaws the killer whale
Got nigga pointing at you for your bling and spree wails
How’d the monster get re-released, nah nigga it can’t be
I’m a fellow with bitches like Carmelo Anthony
I play the game like the violins and cellos
Terrorists, me and Warren G we keep it G as can be
I’m just doing what I do caz that’s all I know
D.O. double G P.O. fire fly, you and D
It’s just you and me and God
Imma ride, push all the busters aside
Me and Baby Humpty we got a story to tell
Runnin with the Nino Ross and next to Shells

Amma do what I do that’s it
Imma buy a new 64 chevy, throw the gainers at the bottom
Not trip of your street talk
Kick back with my riders DPG, C-Walk
It’s a lovely day, that’s it
Imma say what I say that’s it
Nigga Y.A. that’s it
Now we back in the studio nigga

[Verse 2]
Riders, goin ride
Busters goin stay busters
We goin have to show these mothafuckas how you flip the hussle
You can either stay where you at or jump on the train
My nigga Daf king of the independent game nigga
Ever since we got back up on the swing of things
Everything is beautiful, we don’t really need a thing
All you gotta do is do what you gotta to do, don’t matter if they mad at you
Heat it or they hot at you


[Verse 3]
If you got a question for me
When I answer you can listen or ignore me
I don’t give a fuck homie
Just me, big Nate and Snoop and that’s it
Sensational tactics, graphic, master formulas to making these classic jurassic hits
I’m on the timetable caz I time the strike
Anytime during the day or night prepare flight
We seagulls but then we transform to hawks
So just wait before you get taken away in the dark
When darkness falls that’s when the eye of the tiger gets pits to come in and start firing iron, I wrote the math
Simple as all mathematics, I’m a mathematician, poetical sociopath
Yearned and half spasmatic me and the homies blast addicts
Niggas like targets aim and blast at it
Me, D.A.Z , superfly and Big Pop
AKA little Kurupt, bout to fuck these niggas up
Baby Kurupt AKA young Roscoe Nigga
With the nigga tech chopper and the roscoe nigga
Just listen let me show you how it’s done
We on tour this is how the West was won
Got thoughts that’s aimed at the heart and lungs
We for sure we never separate again we gonna keep on pushin on
Am try’na tell you nigga


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