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That's Not What's Up

Damn man, what you doing out here this late man? Pss, Get your ass in the house, take your ass in, Go head..

(G. Martin Soul- Chorus)
Your out here slinging them drugs, I heard you hanging with thugs, (HANGING WITH THUGS) living dangerous
Girl that's not what's up
Going to strip in the club, if your momma can see you with us, she'll be furious
Girl that's not what's up

(Verse 1 Saigon)
You gone live by the gun, you gone die by one
I would hate to here you got hit in a drive by son
I dreamed being some shit that you got hit in the head and you might not make it out the hospital bead. (Is he dead?)
The street life is going catch up quick
You hot dog you need to get on some ketchup shit
Like you moving fast just without a target or direction, but it's either the grave or the department of corrections, I know that it's hard in the recession, and poverty's depressing, but never should a God forget his lessons
A man is not a man if he vanish and leave his family famished, that's not a man that's a damn ignoramus
And I thought you was smarter than that, but if you wanna be a part of the pack, then pardon my back
I'm outta here like Vladimir, why these baby cubs don't wanna listen to poppa bear. (come here)


(Verse 2 Saigon)
I see you sliding down the pole
At the same time I see the tears slide down your soul
You used to be on the honor role, your momma named you Tawanna yo
So why they call you Ms. Geronimo?
Matter fact I don't wanna know, gotta fuck with you, it do don't it on the low
Gotta hurt you to be a woman who sells her self cheap
Don't even love herself enough to develop self worth
I peep pimps with hoes, and so all of their hoes, most of those is putting snow up their nose that's just how it goes
You in this bitch with no clothes, I know you since you was oh so innocent
Now your'e not interested
In nothing unless it's something that got dollars and cents with it
Tryna make some since of it, it's simple but it's intricate
Don't you wanna be a grand mamma one day? you need to be in church this Sunday


Talk with male voice singing in background:
Word, it's not what's up, that gang banging shit, it's not what's up man, we raising young gang bangers, we gotta teach these little brothers the right way yar'll, we gotta a responsibility (that's right) to our children yar'll (that's right)
Teaching our young, our young ladies to be strippers. (Na man)
You know we make'n it rain on our little sisters,(no more of that) on our nieces, (we don't want know more of that) on our babies yar'll. Lets get it together yar'll

An Interview-talk
Interviewer Q: Wow, you know Saigon I really, really like this one, (Saigon: Thank You, thank you) from "Pain In My Life" you've always come out with something with a message, (Saigon: I try) I mean what inspires you?
Saigon: You know just life man just feeling a responsibility to our younger the younger generation man, as an artist I feel like we need to do more of that, because they look up to us, you know these kids looking up to us, and what we put out there, they take it man, they run with it, you know
Interviewer Q: You said they make it rain on our young girls?
Saigon: Yeah, it's crazy right
Interviewer response: Yeah that's not what's up
And now like, I'm a father man, speaking of speaking of making it rain, I just had a little girl named rain, her name is Rayne Dior

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