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That day

you left me with the that lonesome night in town
You run off to learn with that you found
Now, all alone with just me
And lonely a-achin' in my soul
I wish I could see you dance the once more
At the near the fishin' hole-a-doo-de-doo

I'm-a just inside now that you're a-gone
Just Old Bess and my pet can help me along

Verse 2
Now the sheriff says I shot my one day when we was out a-fishin'
So I'll do my time a-learnin' in that there a-lonely prison
And, maybe when I get out, I can make a brand new start
And you'll leave that
For the old that's still in your cheatin' heart-a-doo-de-doo-da-lay-de-oh

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