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The 5 Boroughs Is Back


LL Cool J…uh, Queens in da house (killa Queens, killa killa Queens)
Uh, uh, Brooklyn in da house (Broooklyyyn, Broooklyyyn)
Yeah, uh, uh, Harlem in da house (ballin, ba ba baaalliiin!!)
Uh, yeah, the Bronx in da house (the Boogie Down, the Boogie Boogie Down)
Aha, aha, Staten Island in da house (ssuuu, su su su su suuuuuu)
The 5 boroughs is back, goddammit, the boroughs is back, let’s go

(Jim Jones)
New York City! Do it big Jones!
Okay, home of the Carter (uptown!), that bitch that’s Juan Valenciaga (damn peace!)
Harlem’s my alma mater (I graduate partner!)
Never see a nigga hotter (Jones!)
A momma’s child that’s pumping dem more style
I wanted to be rich while pumping up more bells
I see you L, now Harlem is Dipset
I’m pushing it full of cars I’m bossing on big cheques

(Method Man)
I’ve been kicking ass shit on my shoes,
Staten Island get what you do
I spit flows and spit in your boots
See I’m a block nigga call me yo G.O.A.T.,
I know that life is a bitch,
My name’s tatted on the wall of
Let’s take a walk down “Poverty Lane”
Where niggas bitch in the stairways
And momma got a problem with ‘caine
There ain’t no fair player on this earth, punk
Ain’t hard to tell that I’m good,
This (?) it’s definitely hood
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(KRS One)
South Bronx, Southside Bronx!!
My borough, B-R-O-N-X yo undoubted
Deliveries like Fedex, anywhere or time spit rhymes like Helix
My style my accent can you tell it
I’m from the Bronx, that’s my genetics
In fact I’ma mail broke project (?)
The place where we train paramedics,
The Bronx holding hip hop don’t you forget it!!

(Lil Kim)
It’s Brooklyn in da house, without a doubt,
I’m the sexing whore this niggas dream about,
I spit that crack and set the cream’s on fire
It’s the BK virgin over the wire
Brooklyn New York yeah I reps my hometown
Get out the way get out the way get out the way now!
You know unbelievers get chopped with a meat cribber
You’re rolling with the best stack rocking with Dio!!


(LL Cool J)
Look at you overdose and using your own dough,
C’mon you tofu baby I’m real G.O.A.T.,
Rep Queens to my motherfuckin cash and clothes
Unlike small penis get up in your ass fo’ sho’
They said I used to keep it rough but I ain’t got it no mo’,
So I cooked up something and said em shot next dough
Let them die hard fins getting fixed for my flow
And get a mopa like for you I was playing in the snow
You should already know I never gone slept
This ain’t a BET show nigga I’m in it for the gold
The Def Land don should pop the champagne
Nigga toasted the icon with the mic on his right arm
Farmers Boulevard until I E-N-D,
Killa Queens run this shit nigga they riding with me,
And the G.O.A.T.’s back on top New York will agree
If I gotta eat shit when I split it I’m doin me do I play boy?


Lil Kim: What up L baby? it's behind the rip Brooklyn now, rip Brooklyn now

Jim Jones: Jones! Do it big nigga!

KRS-One: What up LL KRS what up!?South Bronx, Southside Bronx!!

Jim Jones: killa beast , motherfucker!


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