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The Annie B.

Come all you jolly sailor lads that ne′er went out to sea
Of a ship that called the Annie B. I will sing in praise to thee
She was a famous one-mast-ship, the pride of Sydney-Quay
She carried a crew of a 102 a dog named Billy and me

Hey hey ho and the winds do blow
Did I tell you girl I love you so?
Hey hey ho I want you to know
When I hear the whistle blow I have to go

The skipper was an Irishman he hailed from West-Belfast
And a dutchman was the sailor called the man behind the mast
The navigator was a bum, his nose was red as tart
Out mate was a small Russian guy, knew every pub on the chart

A prisoner was our cook before we sailed away
He always served the whiskey pure 3 times and more a day
The morning we left Sydney-Town our ship ran short of wind
We had to get right out of the wet and eve′ryone shove behind

When going around the Silver-Reef a terrible storm now blew
We tightened her sails with a horses reign and steered for Timbuktoo
But out cargo shifted, "We′re done!" cried Captain Lee
And a 102 sailors Billy and me jumped into the deep blue sea


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