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The Foxy Devil

A (Capo up 2)
[A] When I was young and [D] handy in my [A] prime
In taverns I would [D] sit and bide my [E] time
It's [A] there I met your [D] company
I'd sit and drink my [E] fill
It's [A] there that you took [D] hold of me
I think you've got me [E] still

[A] You're the foxy [D] devil when you [A] like
You set my mind at [D] ease and then you [E] strike
You [A] set me head a-[D]-reeling
You make me shout and [E] sing
My [A] memory flees, I [D] get no ease
Till I have a little [E] drink

[A] You're the crafty [D] rogue and that's for [A] sure
For your compan-[D]-y there is no [E] cure
I've [A] squandered all my [D] money
And the best days of my [E] life
All [A] on your charms, in [D] spite of harm
In spite of peace and [E] strife

[A] Whiskey in the [D] morning or at [A] night
Gives strength to sing and [D] dance, to love and [E] fight
And [A] so despite mis-[D]-fortune
I'll take you as you [E] are -
The [A] best of friends and [D] enemies
The best I've known by [E] far


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