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The Garbage Men

If you are up early in the morning
You might see Grog & Slob working
Driving around in their smelly old van
Disposing of all the garbage out of this land

The garbage men - loves to kick ass
Oh, yeah, yeah - then think it's a gas
The garbage men - are smashing your head
Oh la la - and check if you're dead
The garbage men - they load and lock
Huh hah hah - are ready to rock
The garbage men - like to break bones
Oh yeah yeah - with rolling stones

Better not go out in the evening
Grog & Slob might take you out for eating
The Tower is sending them down on you from the sky
Soon sometime, anywhere, someone will die

The garbage men - will bring you peace
Oh, yeah, yeah - by crushing your knees
The garbage men - really don't konw
Oh la la - why their brains are so slow
The garbage men - push your balls to the wall
Blah blah blah - piss on you all
The garbage men - have fun in the sun
Huh hah hah - when you suck on a gun

Long lost dream
I feel surreal
Suddenly there

You're my long lost dream - I feel surreal
You're suddenly here - speaking to me
You're my long lost dream - I feel complete
You're there for me - tendering for me

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