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Voice Of Doom

In a big country over the sea
Their god was the almighty Manitou
Its people living with nature in pact
As proud as they could be
Indians they were called by a mistake
Fought to protect their own lands
They are now living in reservations
Trapped inside a cage

But the tribes they knew
They would come back
And seek out the harmony
Of nature again
Yes, our tribe we know
We will come back
And seek out the harmony
Of nature again...

See, what your system does to us
We have lost our dignity
As all battles rage on - we all grow strong
Then our hearts will turn into stone

One step forward - was hate the price
A community of institutions - isn't that nice
Maybe the bible was right
About its Armageddon
Maybe finally we all will hear
The voice of doom

Do you always believe what you've been told
Have you found your bag full of gold
Reach out with your senses
And feel what you've done
Save our earth from
Turning in to a sun

These are tears of sadness we cry
No! We need no more pain

These are tears of joy we cry
Yeah! We need much more love

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