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The Golden Dawn

Deep within, beneath the flesh
A fire burns inside you.
A sacred flame, a beacon
Calling you to all that's true
If it is extinguished
Then a lonely man you are
For though you'll walk with thousands
You'll stand up for nothing.

Humankind is good
And humankind is evil
A vessel for God
And a playground for the devil
As you learn to measure
Pain against pleasure
Your heart will awaken
To the Golden Dawn

We all have our share of sorrow
When life disappoints us
But the hope for a better tomorrow
Is an island of light
In an unfathomed sea of darkness

Hold on to the truth
And protect that flame
Golden Dawn portends
An even brighter day
Be a student of the Word
Let your voice be heard
And on your dying day
You'll look back and say,
"I lived what I believed,
Built a life with what I received,
Forgive me my sins,
Heaven let me in."

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