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Twelve Bells

Sharp sting of a white fang
Full moon and the wolf sang
Twelve bells in the night rang
We’re coming for you

Boil in a blood bath
Can’t get out of our path
Another victim of this wrath
The wolf howling for you

We’ve got you surrounded
Hot flesh getting pounded
No way you can play dead
With us at your throat

You’ll beg us for mercy
You’ll slake bloodthirsty
Twelve bells and thirty …
We’re finished with you

Call us relentless
Always repentless
May be sinners
Senseless violence

Meet your fate
Love your death
Feel our hate
Take your last breath

There’s the story of twelve bells
Our heaven and your hell
So don’t fall under the spell
The wolf singing for you

Take this as a warning
Stay in bed until morning
When the wolf is howling
To the chime of twelve bells

Twelve bells

Twelve bells at midnight
They gave us a fright

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