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The Last Dance

[Intro: Montana of 300]
Niggas actin' like I ain't Mike in this bitch
Way way way way way ahead of the game

[Verse 1]
Go watch how I blitz for my brothers
Every once in a while niggas start shit
They say they want Montana from Chiraq
Well then f*ck it lets give 'em that hard shit
All black when I gear up no parking
Like a crutch, the stick under my armpit
I keep something on deck like a card trick
Tell da opps come and see like it's Charlotte
You see me in da hood, grippin' that metal, ain't no jumper cables, I spark shit
I'll put holes in the cart that he pushing and turn it to red he ain't shoppin' at target
Check him out take his ass off the markеt
No paint job when I spray and his car flip
Niggas thought they was cool, till I turned up and blеw got da airing that whip like the car vent
Threw up blood in his whip like he gang-bang, threw up blood in his whip, call it carsick
Like mechanics I come with them tools, made him pay like he needed his car fixed
Do you dirty in traffic, or you'll see this savage inside of your house or apartment
No Nintendo, I'm blowing that cartridge
That ain't cranberry sauce on his carpet
From the streets to the beats, ain't no fraud shit
I don't change in the booth, I ain't Clark Kent
I'm Mike Jordan, you niggas can't guard this
I spit crack I might be on the narcs list
Bitch I been on my grind, I'm who they will come find just to light up that green like a garden
While you niggas was broke, I was movin' that dro', had the plug on the phone like its charging
You going need guns, a shield and a sword
Rambo, Judah, plus Jesus Christ and the lord
Way more heat than Miami, don't play wit my family, cause if I can't find you, I'm whackin' yours
50 up in my clip light em up like a stick
Give it to him I do not mean pass the torch
What the f*ck would you question my savage for
I'm with the bull' like a matador
This ain't tennis I'm not with the back and forth
Bitch I'm known to throw down like I'm Crashing Bores
Had his homies surprised, once the f*ck nigga died, they can see he was cappin' like baggy shorts
Wear a vest when I shoot, blow this bitch like a flute, you'll think I'm trying to summon the Dragonzord
I'm like Zach in all black, you'll be covered in red, quick as Jason can yell out tyrannosaurus
Then go hop in some shit that you can't afford
I'm saucin', ya bitch wanna taste a nigga
They say Tony don't go because without ya flow the rap game's gonna die, dehydration nigga
I go hard for that paper so cut it out
Got the game in my hand like rock, paper, scissors

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