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The Mummy Song (The Egyptian Trilogy, Part 1)

You ought to see what they did to my mummy
Pulled his organs out of his tummy
Put 'em in spice, whacked 'em in a jar
Painted him up in tar

Fair go, Pharaoh
It's not funny
Tell King Tut
I want my mummy

Mummy's in a coffin of shining gold
Lying in a tomb that's dark and cold
Jewels and treasures he'll never see
Cos he's half the mummy he used to be
Dead as a door nail, blind as a bat
With a mummified dog, and a mummified cat
Don't ask me what my Daddy thinks
"Cos his chariots parked at the local Sphinx"

Some fellas with spades and a torch to see
Were doing some archaeology
Saw a glimmer, dug some more
Couldn't believe the things they saw
Ancient paintings, priceless jewels
They gave a shout and dropped their tools
But the greatest treasure they found by far
Was a wrinkly mummy with it's guts in a jar!

[Chorus x2]

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