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The Nile

Woke up into a dreamAnd I was walkingUp and down the streetsOf cairoAnd then I heard a voiceThat said I know youIt's time for you to turnAnd face meHer hair was longHer eyes reached out and touched meShe said I know justWhat it is you're afterDeath is all around youSo you look for freedomI know where to find it[The Nile lyrics on]Let's go to the riverWe sailed upon the nileI was enchantedBy the beauty in her magicShe showed me that my fears were unimportantAnd then she touched meWith her visionHer skin was darkHer voice was liquid fireShe said I am your mateAnd soul's desireLove is all around youLight is deep within youLife is always flowingLet's go down the river

Date Added: 2007-05-01
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