A Cloud Forest - The Pangs of Conscience Lyrics

The Pangs of Conscience

I never thought flesh could be so deceiving even in a lifeless face
I still can’t see past her smile, and those eyes
A constant reminder of what contentment meant to me
As I wipe the crimson stains from her now drying cheeks I still can’t come to terms with what has just occurred
She is never coming back to me
My selfish pride has allowed me to stay silent for years
And now that I wish to express my deepest felt feelings my chances are taken away from me
You will never truly know how large of a part of my life you were
You kept me alive in a time when I chose to roll over and die
You were my existence and now you are gone without even a clue as to how much I loved you
I will not forget
I am truly sorry

Date Added: 2018-04-09
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