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The System

[Hook: Necro]
Cock it back, pop it, I'm popping my Glock
Cock it back, pop it, let of every single shot

[Verse 1: Necro]
The system forces me to travel to court and watch my case unravel
I'd rather bury your fucking judge in his gavel and gravel
They wanna see my funeral
Which explains triple 6's in my docent numeral
These pigs wanna lock me up for a wack crime
Tell me to come to court 9:30 AM - motherfucker, I sleep at that time
Yo, word is born
I'd like to see some victim of injustice put bombs on his back and blow up
120 Schermerhorn but not when I'm there
So kick my door in, cause any warrant I got I'm ignorin'
Get off my dick, pig, you're making my testicles tired
Try and ajudge me for assault without using electrical wires
It won't stack, it's like assault without the battery
I'll inject mescaline in your anatomy if you rattle me


[Verse 2: Kool G Rap]
I'm like Carlito, but gunty
These bitches want me, go suck dick on a donkey
You fucking con peas
Judicial system crooked like the novels of Grisham
Ain't worth pissin' the bums' bladder, the funds matter
With some collateral lowers, corporate Adderals
Written in Latin, but best to stackin' and smack [?]
Enforced on the war and pathetic, they run a war and get whetted
Off with your head, get a corporate flag for credit
Catch a hell and yellin' for medics to satisfy a hell of a fetish
Red as blood trails from the perish
Military kill and bury for propaganda notes
Rockefeller wrote it, they were dumb, stupid animals
They base life off of that one rupid camera crew
Now camouflage canners move on the slums in the sand of dooms
For royal bloodliners, the fuck miners
Plus luff vagina from the kind you find on Wonderama


[Outro: Kool G Rap]

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