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The World Is Gore

[Hook x 2]

It’s all crime crime crime
Very murderous
The world is gore, the world is gore
It’s all crime crime crime
Very murderous

[Verse 1: Necro]

Tsunamis and commies, atomic Islamic Satanic economics
Corruption, more destruction than comets
Secret wars, sheiks with billions
Pimping children, villains pushing krillz in buildings
Limping through the street like senior citizens
The shit I seen’s iller than flickrs, killers with clips love the raw
Corporate grime born rich can warp your mind above the law
Death rap controlling brains like remote-controlled planes
Food is poison, destroy you, your colon is swollen with pain
Every second somebody’s murdered whether you heard of it or not
It happened, somebody’s clapped in the back and bodied, it’s fact
I don’t know if I’ll make it, I might grab ahold of somebody’s face and break it
I’m a case study in case you get bloody they’ll trace it
Government’s agencies, investors, asbestos
Test tubes filled with a cure for AIDS kept from the rest of us
Nuclear bombs sold to mongrels for gluttonous profit
They flip the opposite, aim it at us and push the button

[Hook x 2]

[Verse 2: Ill Bill]

You get virgins in the afterlife if you kill people for God
You get a medal if you murder for the stripes and the stars
Twenty-five to life if you kill for the ice and the cars
Burn in eternal hell for designing the hydrogen bomb
The world’s a coffin, a morbid torture chamber lost in hatred
A corporation, the New World Order, the coronation
The spawn of Satan, the Skull and Bones, presidential motivations
What globals go to buy and sell out the solo nations
Third world children with flies on their faces
Nazis hiding in Argentina and obscure parts of Asia
Billion dollar corporate contract confrontations
Amongst private armies and military shake ups
Middle Eastern business and oil shake downs
A world of fast food zombies with golden arches
Carved into their brains now
They market toothpaste the same way they market war
Learn how the youth think first then brainwash them all

[Hook x 2]

[Verse 3: Sabac Red]

Pharmaceutical companies who’re in cahoots with physicians
The government profits off crime, the ?, and the prisons
They recycle your metal then they make weapons for war
They market products to the hood but don’t invest in the poor
We spend our money on clothes that some cats would even kill for
Expose their logos, they turn us into walking billboards
The water’s not protected, a lot of it is toxic
Corporations make investments so they bottle it and profit
What’s the logic of the white man that took a flight to Thailand
And bought a seven month old baby to fuck for five grand (damn)
Social security, decoy for retirement
Quarter million people killed cause we destroyed the environment
Crying Babylon, they send the bombs back to Syria
Extremely still explode from Lebanon out to Nigeria
Hearing people complain when I’m out on world tour
They in pain, who’s to blame when the world is gore?

[Hook x 4]

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