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The Wrath

Temple of hate, a place accursed by the Gods
the walls all in blood of tormented to death
putrid face of Demon gutting sacrifice in light of full moon
come in! eternal flame will brand your soul

Demon's eye in bloodred sky
you will suffer, you have to die
prophecy of certain death
no escape - you are a victim of the unholy wrath

Screams from depths of mind
cry of mutilated souls
tyrant drops from the scratched wounds of God

Virus of haterd invades the brains of tyrants
throwing into fire they create the endless violence
priests of war, creatures of the crime
merciless dictators, the lords of human fright

Bloody judgement
endless judgement
slowly agony will be your atonement
living in fear - dying in pain
no escape - you are the sacrifice
Vader The Wrath

Date Added: 2007-11-21
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