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They All Went to Mexico

Where's my pal, where's my friendAll good things must have an endSad things and nothingsOn and on they goI guess he went to mexicoChorus:They all went to mexicoBuenas dias, got to goTengo que obedecerMi corazonThey all went to mexicoWhere's my mule, where's my drayStraw hat's packed up and goneAwayMule don't go north and dray go slowThey both went to mexicoWhere's my sweetie, where's the faceThat lit dark corners every placeShe put up with me long time you knowAnd then she had to go to mexico[They All Went to Mexico lyrics on]ChorusWheres my brown dog, where's my houndHe liked my truck he hung aroundBut he's a canine romeoAnd I guess he went to mexicoWhere's that woman so sweet, so meanHer heart was cautious her mind was keenShe was always looking for the peccadilloI hope she went to mexicoChorusWhere's december's happy crewWith german bikes and sidecars tooThey take the truck south to st. louis, moMotorcycle all the way to mexicoWhere's my luck, where's my graceHas it all been just a foolish chaseEvery time I hear that rainy chill wind blowI think it might be time to head to mexico

Date Added: 2007-04-28
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