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Thinking With My Dick

[Hook: Kevin Gates]
Got money, retarded
Dont want her if it dont clap when she walking
Not too pretty in the face, but she super thick
Im just thinking with my dick
My shit dumb
Im just thinking with my dick
My shit dumb
Im just thinking with my dick

[Verse 1: Kevin Gates]
Skip the line, on my mind
VIP going mad
Bands make her dance
With a bag full of zans
Got my Vans in advance
Acting bad on them tabs
Pants cost a grand
Put that ass in my hands
Duffel bag full of cash
She a model? Imma get her
Seen em now
She stop, popped, and squat by the zipper
Thinking out loud
My dick probably trynna kill her
Helpin somebody
The bitch wiped off the liqour
Going live
Long hair, shawty ride like geranimo
Sayin I got the gas
I aint talkin bout conical
Knock the whole click down
Im talking like dominoes
One hit wonder
When we finish, adios


[Verse 2: Juicy J]
Me and this bitch aint gon make it to the suite
Imma put her on her knees right here VIP
Im a dog ass nigga, Im not fucking with no fleas
If I saw that bitch again, I probably wont even speak
And why you taking care of that bitch?
Wait til you find out that we sharing that bitch
Head trippy with your girl and her girlfriend
Bet you never even knew she was a lesbian
Man that girl swallow nut like an elephant
Like a dentist with a drill, I be digging in that mouth
First they swallow all my children then I kick them bitches out


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